p r o j e c t p r i v i l e g e

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Ok, thanks to those who have volunteered your time and services. Still working this out, so
am keeping things fairly flexible at the moment.

1. After some research we have opted not to donate cash to groups like mercy or the red crescent. we may talk to global peace malaysia, talked to my colleague who was there to report in Pakistan lately and he said they were quite active. good on them. I have also talked to an official from the Pakistan embassy who knows exactly what they need and how to transport it there. These are the major points i thought u guys would like to know

- it is now about 2 degrees in Pakistan. It's already snowing. It's cold, but things will
really start to freeze in December and January. Dead winter.
- number ONE on their list- TENTS. they need like thousands..
- they need TENTS so bad that he's telling me dont bother with the clothes, the medicine, food etc. we just need TENTS, he says. Not camping, Taman Negara-type tents, but
water-proof,winter-proof tents.
- they also need blankets. Lots of blankets that you can imagine wrapping yourself in
in the dead of winter.

2. These are the numbers:
ONE tent (winterproof, sturdy) to fit about 8 people (think a family) costs around RM1,200. 14 by 14 feet. The tent we are thinking about is the one that is being bought by aid groups, and has been verified as suitable by the embassy. There may be other type of tents and we are desperately trying to determine which type is right. still in discussions...ppl still in holiday mode u see.

SIGH. So...expensive, yeah. The team & I will be trying to negotiate the price, but I don't think we have the purchasing power to even buy in bulk and get discounts.

We want to, for now, concentrate on getting 10 tents, based on the above price. Think 10 FAMILIES.
That is RM12,000. We are hoping to get 120 people to pledge RM100. More of course, would be welcome, but 120 now is our goal. If we get better deals we will be able to get more tents then obviously!

For your RM100 Project Privilege will be organising an event (hopefully next week), where we paintball. I know, not all people will be able to play, but we will try to put it in such a way where you can take turns in groups. either way its a chance to enjoy a nice Sunday out with friends, and its for a good cause. If you can bring more friends there to contribute, even better. We will also have a thank-you party for all contributors a week after the event, where we can sit back, network & relax.

SO if you are interested, go to the pledge list!