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Thursday, November 10, 2005

itty bitty details

Above is the map to Sunway Extreme Park. Pictures on the right are the two entrances you will see at the traffic lights right in front of it. Do not go to the right entrance or you will come to what looks like a quarry hell hole. Take the left entrance and go all the way down till you see the futsal courts. The paintball area is right at the back, on the left side. If you mess up, don't cry. It ain't that big, you won't get lost.

what to wear:
i) a Ronald McDonald's outfit
ii) sexy doctors/nurses uniform
iii) army gear or
iv) sports shoes, long pants, long sleeves optional, cap optional

what to do:
i) also bring a change of clothes just in case. they have shower rooms etc, so you can feel so fresh and so clean.
ii) bring more money just in case you go buckwild on bullets and want to do EXTRAEXTRA paintballing (we won't be paying if you go mental and become ter-over triggerhappy) or Go-Karting or play in our games of chance.
iii) we know you haps people may be partying on Saturday night, but try to come at 1.15PM ok. Should be enough time for you to wake up from your drunken stupor and have a little lunch before trying to shoot Mike or Francis in the eye or nuts. (don't la, kesian them)
iv) have fun!

seeya on Sunday!