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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Hello you wonderful people!
A BIG thank you to those who turned up to our Project Privilege-Paintball event today..the turn out was not what we hoped for, but surprise surprise, we got quite a wonderful amount regardless. We ask for your patience, we will release all the figures as quickly as we can, and provide a nice little write-up for those who missed the hysterics. See, after all that fun, sun, sweat (and some injuries..heh heh), the team is a little knackered today. We will start the massive undertaking of collecting remaining pledges tomorrow. Please pay up those who have not paid! get in touch with us A.S.A.P at projectprivilege@gmail.com or sms 012-2070289 for details. Meanwhile, here are some teaser shots for you guys to look at...Many more pictures coming soon, don't miss them! Again I apologise for the look and state of this blog..i know it's very messy...will fix it up better when we have the time!
On behalf of the Project Privilege team, I again want to say endless thank you's for your support, it means a lot to us and it will mean MORE to people very much in need.
More on the site tomorrow... Much Love!

- good company, good fun & a good cause -
p r o j e c t p r i v i l e g e


At 8:51 PM, Blogger Chun said...

Fun & Meaningful Day! Sorry I gotta go so early that day. For details on how our team kick butt! the first 2 matches (woohoo!!) check out my blog at leeyanchun.com

When is the next round? can't wait...

Let me know if you guys need any help on such activities the next time, I'll be happy to lend a hand...


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