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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Hello folks, a thousand apologies for not updating sooner.
We did not have good news you see, and it pained us to provide u with the report. to put it briefly, we had problems with our supplier...they could not provide what we wanted so now pulled our deposit and right now as we speak Terence has flown to China, and is checking the tent supplier situation himself. You have no idea how it hurts not to give you a positive report, trust me i am boiling and frustrated myself. As soon as Terence gives me his report from China I will be updating you guys. Keep the faith guys, we will make sure this all works out like we promised.

peace & love,
L xoxox

Terence' report. (he sent it before he left for China)

Dear Pledgers,
RE: Delivery of survival tents to Pakistani disaster victims
Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the delay in which I have organized for the tents to be purchased and sent to the Pakistan disaster victims.
Originally, after much sourcing, I had stumbled upon a supplier who could supply us the tents at an extremely low price, USD115 per tent.
For that to happen, we had to combine our order for the tents together with another order from another person, to make up a minimum order that the manufacturer will accept.
The minimum orders for tents at low prices from all suppliers range from 200pcs to one 20 foot container load.
From the funds we raised, we were looking for at a quantity of between 35 to 60 tents from the various options and prices possible.
Unfortunately, after waiting on 2 weeks and numerous conversations with the supplier, he finally came back to me with the reasoning that the other order from the other group had been cancelled. He claimed that he had tried his best to try and secure another order to combine with ours but had failed.
He was extremely apologetic about the scenario because he knew that the tents were meant for charity to the Pakistani victims.
He has on the other hand, made amends by recommending the following new tent.
The cost for the current source is USD163 per tent.
Heavy Duty Family Ridge Tent. This tent is special designed for use in extreme weather condition and longer duration period under extreme weather use. Material use: Cotton canvas with waterproof Weight: 400 - 450 gms per square meter Size : 4m x 4m (suitable for 8 persons) Height: 2 mtr Wall Height: 0.75 mtr Complete with metal poles, iron pegs and a carrying bag.
Total weight is 500kg (based on the quantity we are looking at)
I had done my research and found the following:
1) The tents are more heavy duty than the original source of tents, and are produced specifically for the winter conditions in Pakistan.
2) The tents are made with 2 layers of material, and will last way longer than the original source. The will be able to last years.
3) The tents are larger than the original source of tents and will fit 8 people comfortably, with place to store their belongings.
4) The tents are ready for immediate delivery.
5) They are already in Pakistan (Karachi).
6) Even though the price is higher than the original tents we were looking at, if we factor in freight costs that we had to pay extra for the original tents to come from China, it works out accordingly.
I am also going to China tomorrow for business and have factored in a meeting with a tent supplier over there to discuss also where necessary.
This is an added measure that I am taking just in case.

If anyone has any enquiries, please call me at 012-3222785 and I will be more than happy to explain the situation.
I bear full responsibility for the failure to have the tents ready for delivery as promised to all the people who have pledged.

Yours Faithfully,
Terence Ham K.T.


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