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Monday, February 13, 2006


Dear folks,
I talked to the Red Crescent's Malaysian team leader today and he told me the goods were delivered to the victims of Muzaffarabad and Chokoti with the help of RC Pakistan at the end of January. He says there is (or are) pictures and that he will send me something on Friday.
It is with relief and immense joy to know our efforts have been fruitful. It took some time, but at least we know where our money went. To all, I am sorry with the crappy updates (It may be a terrible excuse but i have pisspoor memory & a hectic job) but with all sincerity I want you to know this team will always will try its best to do its utmost for all. To those who er, still owe me $$, I will be collecting from you soon. Here's to working with all of you for our next project, and if there are any charitable causes, events or one-offs you wish to get involved in or suggest we undertake please give me a buzz or e-mail.

Cheers everyone~
Peace & Love,
Laych for Project Privilege


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