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Thursday, November 10, 2005

itty bitty details

Above is the map to Sunway Extreme Park. Pictures on the right are the two entrances you will see at the traffic lights right in front of it. Do not go to the right entrance or you will come to what looks like a quarry hell hole. Take the left entrance and go all the way down till you see the futsal courts. The paintball area is right at the back, on the left side. If you mess up, don't cry. It ain't that big, you won't get lost.

what to wear:
i) a Ronald McDonald's outfit
ii) sexy doctors/nurses uniform
iii) army gear or
iv) sports shoes, long pants, long sleeves optional, cap optional

what to do:
i) also bring a change of clothes just in case. they have shower rooms etc, so you can feel so fresh and so clean.
ii) bring more money just in case you go buckwild on bullets and want to do EXTRAEXTRA paintballing (we won't be paying if you go mental and become ter-over triggerhappy) or Go-Karting or play in our games of chance.
iii) we know you haps people may be partying on Saturday night, but try to come at 1.15PM ok. Should be enough time for you to wake up from your drunken stupor and have a little lunch before trying to shoot Mike or Francis in the eye or nuts. (don't la, kesian them)
iv) have fun!

seeya on Sunday!


Sunday, November 06, 2005


Pledge & Paintball with Friends- a NICE Sunday OUT
- Sunday 13th Nov 2005
- Venue: Sunway Extreme Park
- Time: 1pm
- Contributors to ProjectPrivilege also get great prices for go-kart (RM15 for 8 laps) and buggies - Collection of pledges & paintball WAR.
- Entry: Pledge RM100! Every single penny goes to buying tents for Pakistanquake victims.

UPDATE: Ok, bear with us..we know we told you we were going to purchase the 14x14 feet tents costing RM1,100 each. Due to some latest developments, we are again looking to purchase cheaper tents (about RM500 per tent for 5-7 people) from China and have them sent to Pakistan, with the help of the Islamabad Rotary Club to handle distribution over there. I'd like to tell you all what we talked about but some people have said there's too much information here..so suffice to say if anyone is interested to find out i'd be more than happy to chat with you via e-mail or on Sunday itself.
If we have money left after buying as many tents as we can, we will use remainder to buy blankets.

(now it's time for us to do some math)
1. Koh Lay Chin paid
2. Michael Ham paid
3. Wong Wei Pin paid
4. Shahril Mohd Nor paid
5. Barrie Ooi paid
6. Leslie Andres paid
7. Lok Chee Yong paid
8. Shamini Darshni paid
9. Thoo Mui Yen paid
10. Chew Hui Larn paid
11. Katharine Joan Chua paid
12. Zorzini Roslan paid
13. Terence Ham paid
14. Lee Peng Keong paid
15. Eliza Abdul Rahman paid
16. Sue-Anne Lim paid
17. Teo Jon Tatt paid
18. Camilla Soong Fui Nee paid
19. Lesa Chu paid
20. Martin Lee paid
21. Toh Lee Ann paid
22. Jamie Tay paid
23. Wong May Leen paid
24. Vijendra Tham paid (+another RM100)
25&26. Mr & Mrs Cheah (RM100 each) paid
27&28. Mr & Mrs Ng Eu Hock (RM100 each) paid
29. Amril Teo paid
30. Jazelan Jaafar paid
31. Hiu Chi Ren paid
32. Jossri Rizal paid
33. Isha Sidek paid
34. Dani Lim paid
35. Jeff Yew paid
36. Francis Cobb paid
37. Priscilla Tong paid
38. Vincent Ng Hwei Yern paid
39. Christy Ann Ng paid
40. Adrienne Chung Yee Fun paid
41. Christopher Law Ti King paid
42. Ong Lee Mei paid
43. Ken Lai Kian Loong paid
44. Annie Loke paid
45. Amir Erfan paid
46. Kenny Doo paid
47. Natalie Tung paid
48. Riznal F. paid (additional RM50)
49. Kaliemuthu Palany paid
50. G. Kirubanithi paid
51. Sivabalan *cancelled
52. Nisha Menon paid
53. Benny Loo *cancelled(mistake)
54. Jeff Ho Fook Hon paid
55. Oscar Roy paid
56. Audrey Ham Yen Ling paid
57. Wong Yoong Loong paid
58. Jean Lee paid
59. Jason Khoo *cancelled
60. Yap Mun Chuan paid
61. Amir Hafizi paid
62. June Loh paid
63. AMS paid
64. Teh Aik Pin paid
65. Elliza Nur Zainal Abidin paid
66. Anonymous paid
67. Michelle Lee paid
68. Brenda Ooi paid
69. Melvin Reynolds paid
70. Jasmin Thum paid
71. Eileen Ng paid
72. Bruce Wayne paid
73. Nadine Amran paid
74. Kenny Lim paid
75. Lee Ee Han paid
76. Brian Andrew Huet paid
77. James Baum paid
78. Jon Hann (9yrs old, Singapore) paid
79. Mr & Mrs Ganesh paid
80. Jennifer Chua Lian Imm paid
81. Lam Wai Ming paid
82. Josey Lim paid
83. Ung Yu Meng paid
84. Victor Lim paid
85. You Lei Beng paid
86. Christopher Lim paid
87. Wan Yusniza Wan Yahya paid
88. Avinesh Jeyalingam paid
89. Yin Li Yen paid
90. Tee Li Wei paid
91. Melanie Mei paid
92. Indran Kanavaji paid
93. Justin Ong Tat Tiong paid
94. Lee Yan Chun paid
95. Shreen Sidhu paid
96. Kong Sy Au paid
97. Kiang JK paid
98. Lewis Chu paid
99. Zorlinda Roslan paid
100. Rusyanti Abdul Ghani paid
101. Thoo Ching Yen paid
102. Aida TA Rahman paid
103. Andi Zulkarnain paid
104. Shahrulliza Shaharudin paid
105. Ryan Wee paid
106. Shaun Wee Wei San paid
107. Leon Wee Wei Siang paid
108. Ng Chai Kee paid
109. Mark Wee paid
110. Ong Boon Leng paid
111. Ija paid
112. Ong E-Hoon paid
113. Rajiv paid
114. Tanya D. paid

1. a.c.e & k. family RM5,000 paid
2. Shi Yun Tan RM600 paid
3. Brendon Poon RM200 paid
4. Tan Yang Han RM500 paid
5. Tan Yang Wah RM500 paid
6. Pearl Chin RM200 paid
7. Farrah Tan RM200 paid
8. Datin AmyHamidon US$200 paid
9. Hayden Wong RM200 paid
10. Chong Yi Peng, Katie RM200 paid
11. Terry Tan RM200 paid
12. Mr & Mrs Tang Veng Khay RM300 paid
13. Andy Teh RM300 paid
14. The Ham Family RM1200 paid
15. Melvin Yap RM200 paid
16. Amal Najmin & family RM500 paid
17. Amir, Nadiah & family RM1,200 paid

SPONSOR LIST (for event day)
1. Sunway Extreme Park (thank you faiz and your crew)
2. carlsberg (thank you kenny!)
3. rike & raych sdn bhd

if you would like to pledge, pls send your full name to projectprivilege@gmail.com
If you want to use a pseudonym that's fine with us, but we still need your
full name. payment shall be made on the day of the event. we'd like to stress
that every single sen of your money will go to buying tents. every other expenses
will be borne by us.

TO avoid a clutter of updates we're putting the pledge list right on top. Those who want to find out about updates, tents, goals etc, please read previous posts below. Thanks..