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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Now We Do the Math!

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for the late update... Been running around trying to collect your pledges...and it ain't no easy task! I know you all are waiting for the pictures... please bear with me!! It'll be worth the wait. Let me just run through what the team has been doing for the past few days:-

1) Clearing the accounts, getting pledges in. Here's a basic summary of the accounts. Our initial goal was to raise RM12,000 to buy 10 tents costing RM1,200.
I am pleased to announce that we now have RM23,785!
Pledge List= RM11,250 (individuals) +
RM12,300 (families etc) +
RM235 (extra money collected during paintball by sellin drinks etc)
= RM23,785

Because money was coming in from different means (pledges, cash in, online transfers), there was some initial confusion. In fact to be honest if we look at our account now and calculate in some remaining transfers which we are awaiting, we are looking at RM24,085 if everything comes in.

- Yes, that's a RM300 surplus. Now, right now we are trying to determine if people had cashed in without informing us, whether we are missing a name or two, or the bank account is registering a fuller amount but has not flashed out the details yet. Rest assured we are trying to get to the bottom of this, but thankfully it is not a shortage!

2) On the tents side: Here is our man Terence Ham's report:

"With the figure we have now we have told the tent manufacturers to go ahead and we have paid a deposit of RM6k (30 per cent of an initial figure of RM20,000) It is US$115 per tent but that is exclusive of freight charges. We may opt for shipping as flying it there will cost a lot more. I estimate we can get 48- 55 winterised tents, am working out how to work in the shipping charges first. The supplier of the tents here get their tents made in China, I am getting a Quality Control person to check on the quality of the product in the factory over there. A friend in Hong Kong in my network is helping me out on this. What happens from now is that it will take approximately 10+ days for the tents to be ready, then this will be sent of to Pakistan, where the Rotary Club of Islamabad has agreed to take possession of the tents on our behalf, put up 'Project Privilege' on the tents, and distribute it in a designated area or tent village. Our Rotarian contacts here are working with the Rotarians over there to ensure it gets to an area they deem needy and they will also take a picture of our tents there to email it back to us."
Let's all give a hand to Terence.....who has been mercilessly hounding the necessary people..

3) So now what we can do is hope it will all be done quick... I am just as impatient as you to get the tents over there as fast as possible, but under the circumstances, our limited resources and the need to spend every dime efficiently, this can't happen in a day unfortunately.

Reminders: Everyone who I have fronted for, please pay up as soon as possible because I may have to eat biscuits for lunch soon. People who have NOT given us your e-mails and phone numbers please do so, how are we going to give you invites or information in the future? Please send your details to projectprivilege@gmail.com. Don't worry, your details are safe with us. we are also up for any suggestions at any time, and will answer to your need to know anything, see anything ..whatever at all. In fact, we will be scanning receipts, invoices etc to put up online very soon. To those who said they very malas looking at all these texts etc...well, it cannot be helped, we promised you to be transparent and open...so all this is what you are gonna get!


Forgot the Thank you's for the paintball event that day..
the Sunway Extreme Park, Faiz & crew for being so hospitable and helpful to us, to the Ham family for their invaluable support, kindness and always being ready to go, go, go at a drop of a hat, to Kiang - together with mui yen they are solid and dependable heads with fantastic organisational skills! To Lesa, for being so wonderfully enthusiastic always and yr friends who helped out! thank you also to Shamini Darshni, ace journalist who was willing to become our watergal on a very sweaty day(thanks luv), Carlsberg's Kenny for supplyin us with beer that day, Lewis for helping us out and Barrie - sorry for kacauing you so much! To those who came alone like June or Chee Yong, who were not going to play but came to support anyway, like Andy and Melvin, to those who came and brought their friends, like Zini and Tian Yen...it meant a lot to us to see you there. sorry if I forgot anyone..

most of all, here's a big cheers to the head honchos of our team- Michael, Terence, & Mui Yen- could not have done it without ANY one of you!

oh ya the pictures....i know, i know...coming soon!!!!!!!

warmest regards and all me luv,
L' for project privilege

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Hello you wonderful people!
A BIG thank you to those who turned up to our Project Privilege-Paintball event today..the turn out was not what we hoped for, but surprise surprise, we got quite a wonderful amount regardless. We ask for your patience, we will release all the figures as quickly as we can, and provide a nice little write-up for those who missed the hysterics. See, after all that fun, sun, sweat (and some injuries..heh heh), the team is a little knackered today. We will start the massive undertaking of collecting remaining pledges tomorrow. Please pay up those who have not paid! get in touch with us A.S.A.P at projectprivilege@gmail.com or sms 012-2070289 for details. Meanwhile, here are some teaser shots for you guys to look at...Many more pictures coming soon, don't miss them! Again I apologise for the look and state of this blog..i know it's very messy...will fix it up better when we have the time!
On behalf of the Project Privilege team, I again want to say endless thank you's for your support, it means a lot to us and it will mean MORE to people very much in need.
More on the site tomorrow... Much Love!

- good company, good fun & a good cause -
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