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Saturday, November 05, 2005

paintball & thank-you gathering

Yes, we want to interact while we fund-raise. Anyway, we need to collect the pledge payment from you so paintball day's the day.
we are now in the midst of talking with Sunway Extreme Park so we can use their paintball area. we are looking at Nov 13, Sunday. Invite your friends, acquaintances, anyone who would be willing to contribute RM100 too! Paintballing on a Sunday with people i'm sure you know (Klang Valley- very small), how fun is that?
Plus people who have contributed are invited to our thank-you gathering a week later. Probably a Friday or Saturday night. we are talking with people who may be able to provide us with a venue & a firstdrinkfree? Donate-havefun-network- that's us. anyway, fingers crossed on the discussions.
Will update! Keep on PLEDGING!!!

THANKS SO MUCH to those who have pledged, and have given your opinions. it's food for thought and it's exactly what we were hoping for. i assure you we consider all your comments. could we put your mails on the blog? do tell us your preference on your mails..thanks!

Friday, November 04, 2005

update- ppl still in holiday mode

**ok, this is the latest guys..
Ive spoken to peace msia's project honcho, and he seems very dedicated to the project. We are at a quandary now whether to go ahead and buy the RM1,200 tents..or to contribute to Peace Malaysia in getting their RM612 tents. Figures for tents also seem to be changing. Please note the whole point of project privilege was to channel your money so you know exactly where it is going to. We are aware of people's fears and complaints that money going to aid organisations may sometimes not go where they should.
The team was thinking that with us actually PURCHASING the tents, at least we know all our money goes to tents (worse comes to worst, the tents WILL be used in the end)
The other side of that is that a bigger organisation can bulk buy and get it much cheaper. oh i need to reiterate, this proj has nothing to do with the nst, for those wonderin.
What do all of you think?

Here is what we have so far. Facts and Figures.
1)Peace Malaysia's drive for their South Asian Earthquake Fund.
co-ordinator of Peace Malaysia- Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir
The tents they are buying- designed by Pakistani architects, Hammad Husain and Umar Iqbal Khan. Costs US$170 or RM612. Accommodates five people. The design in called Improvised Rapid All-Weather Shelter. It was approved & endorsed by the Pakistani Army.
What we don't know. How big the tents are.

2) The Pakistan embassy here says the most demanded tents are Ridge Tents. a retired army official who worked in Pakistan for a long time decided to get customed made (also military approved) tents to ship to Pakistan. They have had around 2,000 orders. I spoke to him and he said its non profit, but if we want to buy the tents we have to say how much we want, because they have to make it. its RM1,200, waterproof and winterproof and is 14 feet by 14 feet. They say it can accomodate up to 8 people. This particular supplier has the support of the Pakistan embassy here.
What we don't know. Whether this is an acceptable price?

So there you go. We would appreciate your opinions, so we can make a decision. Please bear with us, we're trying to work as quick as we can. But its important for us to make the best decision.

Meanwhile, time is of the essence, please pledge. We need to know how much we can get and this will effect our decision. Please forward this like mad today & tmrw!!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Ok, thanks to those who have volunteered your time and services. Still working this out, so
am keeping things fairly flexible at the moment.

1. After some research we have opted not to donate cash to groups like mercy or the red crescent. we may talk to global peace malaysia, talked to my colleague who was there to report in Pakistan lately and he said they were quite active. good on them. I have also talked to an official from the Pakistan embassy who knows exactly what they need and how to transport it there. These are the major points i thought u guys would like to know

- it is now about 2 degrees in Pakistan. It's already snowing. It's cold, but things will
really start to freeze in December and January. Dead winter.
- number ONE on their list- TENTS. they need like thousands..
- they need TENTS so bad that he's telling me dont bother with the clothes, the medicine, food etc. we just need TENTS, he says. Not camping, Taman Negara-type tents, but
water-proof,winter-proof tents.
- they also need blankets. Lots of blankets that you can imagine wrapping yourself in
in the dead of winter.

2. These are the numbers:
ONE tent (winterproof, sturdy) to fit about 8 people (think a family) costs around RM1,200. 14 by 14 feet. The tent we are thinking about is the one that is being bought by aid groups, and has been verified as suitable by the embassy. There may be other type of tents and we are desperately trying to determine which type is right. still in discussions...ppl still in holiday mode u see.

SIGH. So...expensive, yeah. The team & I will be trying to negotiate the price, but I don't think we have the purchasing power to even buy in bulk and get discounts.

We want to, for now, concentrate on getting 10 tents, based on the above price. Think 10 FAMILIES.
That is RM12,000. We are hoping to get 120 people to pledge RM100. More of course, would be welcome, but 120 now is our goal. If we get better deals we will be able to get more tents then obviously!

For your RM100 Project Privilege will be organising an event (hopefully next week), where we paintball. I know, not all people will be able to play, but we will try to put it in such a way where you can take turns in groups. either way its a chance to enjoy a nice Sunday out with friends, and its for a good cause. If you can bring more friends there to contribute, even better. We will also have a thank-you party for all contributors a week after the event, where we can sit back, network & relax.

SO if you are interested, go to the pledge list!

p r o j e c t p r i v i l e g e

Alright guys, I wanted to start this off sooner but could not find the time.
Work, work, work and yes, I procrastinate too. We all know of the quakes which hit
Pakistan. It's been a terrifying year filled with disasters, hasn't it? This particular quake has resulted in more than 25 000 dead, 63 000 injured and 2,5-million homeless in Pakistan alone (and I have not updated this figure yet).
I quote from an Associated Press report:

"The challenges of responding to this disaster are more difficult, in some
ways, than the Dec. 26 tsunami that killed more than 200,000 along the coast
of the Indian Ocean," (Jan Egeland, the U.N. undersecretary-general and
emergency relief coordinator) said.

The earthquake will leave fewer deaths but more injured and potentially
more homeless, he said, while badly damaged roads and the approach of winter
are difficult obstacles."

Here's another one:

*But there was a dire prediction from the United Nations that not enough
winter-weight tents existed to shelter survivors from the quake, which the government says killed more than 41 000 people in Pakistan alone.

"It is fair to say the indication is that there are not enough tents in the world
available to support the requirements," Andrew MacLeod, chief operations officer in
the UN emergency response centre in Islamabad, told AFP. UN spokesperson Amanda Pitt said the supply of tents had been exhausted in Pakistan, which she said was the world's biggest producer of winter tents.

"The whole thing here is a nightmare. I know it sounds dramatic to say this but it
really is a case of nature overwhelming man," Pitt added. - (SA)

In light of this, and in the hope that you all are not suffering from donation fatigue (a serious problem this year), I am trying to organise a fundraising do either next week or after that. That will be the second phase. The first will be the services, we will be finding organisations & a list of stuff we can help them obtain. Let us be your go-between, or help us get the things required.

Let me put it very very simply lah, yah. This will be called Project Privilege. Because let's face it, most of us and our peer groups are living generally comfortable lives and even if we are not, we are privileged to be in this country, which except for the little lash from the tsunami, is free from the monster natural disasters.

I have some friends who have expressed their interest to help. We're not thinking
explosive, grand things here, we just want to organise similar-minded people to help

This is aimed at our peer group, acquaintances, friends, family, family of
friends, 4, 5, 6-degrees of separation..you get the picture. Basically, using
our tech/net savvy generation to use avenues like friendster, multiply, email,
blogs etc to get the news across. It is the least we can do, if you think
about it. If this all goes well, maybe we can do more stuff under the project if need be in the future. If let's say one of you knows, for example, a certain group, a child with a hole in the heart, or other cases, and we take an online vote on whether we adopt that particular project, we can raise money for it. simple. All our generation has to do, is ask, suggest, volunteer...its amazing to be in the country where making things happen is relatively easy.

Let us be frank, if you want to volunteer something or donate something,
we are willing to do your research work for you, we will do your leg work, and nothing will go to us or for the organisation of activities. I will, for example, call the embassies, talk to the NGOs, call overseas if I have to, to make sure our money goes to the best possible parties. our fundraising activities will be geared towards spectacular fun, because frankly, we are realistic. we would rather party with you for a good cause and bond WHILE raising money instead of getting your dough and never connect with you or speak to you again after.

If we are doing two-pronged work (some friends helped pack up goods for tsunami
victims this year), we will look for what we can do, and inform you. All you have to do is ask. If you don't want to do anything, and just donate, by all means we are here to help. If you have questions to ask an organisation we are donating to, we could be the go-between and show your Q&A's online.
I'm trying to figure out a transparent method to show all the accounts,
information to all as well without invading anyone's privacy. Perhaps, if you are a
donor, you can be given a number of pseudonym (or use your real name), and along
with your donation figure, this will all be listed on a site, or blog. At the end of the day you can do the math and we will show you the total amount to be given to the
organisation or party we are donating to. It is non-profit for us, so anyone willing to help us are volunteers. Any expenses accrued we will undertake.
I currently have a friend now who has said he will undertake the services part of
things, ie, find if any organisation requires physical help etc, so you can join in if you want to.
I am now eager for more friends to help out. What's the friggin point of friendster, multiply and the internet revolution if our pampered behinds cannot network beyond it.

Right now the focus is on the South Asian-Pakistan/India Quakes. And because I
know there will be people who say "elehhhh pakistan, pakistan, we got poor people
here too etc etc", pardon my AhLianspeak but "Eh pls, we are not dumb lah, we
know that, we will of course do local fundraising things too". But at this time, we go where things are MOST dire, most needed. Right now, these are people who will be
facing dead winter soon. Winter.cold. no tents. gila.

While we are here celebrating, pls spare a thought for those in need..support us, volunteer and pledge!